Help The Haiti Collective Thrive in 2018!

Throughout the year, The Haiti Collective focuses on achieve our strategic goals of developing new partnerships with gospel-driven churches, like-minded organizations, and socially-responsible businesses to help us accomplish our mission of gospel transformation in Haiti by equipping and empowering local churches to make disciples, train leaders, and care for orphans in their community. Through this network of relationships, THC concentrates on dedicating our resources and personnel to achieving maximum impact on the ground. 

During the holiday season, The Haiti Collective draws attention to the THC Foundation which fuels that vision by enabling us to have the funds to continue our operation by meeting the financial needs of our organization. Your support at this time is critical to our long-term success and continued growth as we anticipate new opportunities in the months and years to come. 

This year's theme, THRIVE 2017, reminds us what why we exist. We do not simply want to provide temporary aid to those impoverished or needing help. We want to help Haitian churches and communities thrive through the power of transformed lives and well-equipped leaders. The fuel for their thriving is THC thriving as an organization. The fuel for THC thriving is the resources and personnel necessary to effectively accomplish our mission. YOU are vital to all of this!

The THC Foundation goal this year is $50,000. By reaching this goal, we will have the financial resources to finish 2017 strong and have a robust launchpad to continue our mission in 2018. We are grateful for your support in helping make that happen! Every year-end tax-deductible donation, no matter how big or small, will serve as a lifeline to those serving and giving themselves in Haiti. From all of us at THC, thank you for being a part of the THRIVE 2017 year-end campaign!




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